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Stone Design Partner

Pramar S.r.l. was founded in 1962 from the passion and commitment of the Marchi family, establishing itself with professionalism and dedication in the field of supplying parts for cooking and heating electrical appliances, used in the manufacture of hobs and cast iron stoves.

Today, after more than 50 years of experience in the supply and distribution of components for the home appliance industry, the company is ever committed to responding promptly to customer needs and continues to achieve excellent results by exploiting state of the art production facilities, quality high-end raw materials and the expertise of its highly qualified human resources

Tableware Partner

The brand Zahanis stands for innovative design, both in the tabletop - and in the buffet-section. At this, the main target audience are five star hotels and top class restaurants and also the innovative gastronomy where dedicated profi-chefs create new trends.

Products made out of different materials such as glass, stainless steel, solid wood, porcelain etc. and the combination of materials give birth to high-quality, modern tableware and buffet-systems.

HVAC Partner

In 1964 DASCO – Ducting & Servicing Co. was established to meet the market demand of Air Inlets & Outlets and Air Filters with revolutionary engineering designs at that time and kept developing ever since to become a leading manufacturer of HVAC supplies in the region. The company is currently established on an area of approximately 18,000 sq. m. including factories, administration offices and showrooms. It is managed by professional management and technical team exceeding 450 employees, technicians, engineers and administrative officers.

Water Features Partner

Liquid Design is a well-established and highly regarded designer, fabricator and installer of fountains and water features. Maintenance of features is also offered and a number of our clients make use of this service.

Over the last 10 years a number of innovations have been introduced and we continue to explore new and better ways of designing and implementing water features.

Most of our Clients are in the Johannesburg / Pretoria area, but work has been done throughout South Africa as well as in other parts of Africa, namely Ghana, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Namibia & Kenya. We will shortly be doing an installation in Tanzania.

Aluminium Partner

We assure our clients the highest standard of workmanship, with resources including well equipped mobile and competent site crew & in-house manufacturing plant for Aluminium works.

All activities are managed by professionally qualified, suitably experienced and service-orientated personnel. Senior management is directly involved in each of the divisions with a pro-active approach to contracts.

We are continuously trying to expand our product range, raise our level in our output of works, our quality and service to our clients.

Electrical Partner

Close to the market, close to customers, quick to make decisions and flexible: such strengths have been associated for decades with BAG electronics and the "BAG family". From our extensive portfolio of LED control gear units, LED modules and the first complete system for Human Centric Lighting we select precisely those components that optimally and cost-efficiently fulfill your requirements. This in turn enables intelligent, networked and flexible light.

Exhibit Partner

Perfectly poised in a serene neighborhood, Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Alisa has 199 magnificent rooms & suites, tastefully designed & showcasing a sophisticated urban feel with plush picturesque views of the capital. Guests can also experience the distinctive meeting & conference facilities alongside its state of the art technologies, designed to accommodate from small to large events & to making your event a success.

Camelot Group

Camelot defines the ultimate spa experience as “The creation of a haven to rest, relax and revitalize”. Our aim at Camelot Spas nationwide is to create a holistic wellness experience.

We will generate such a sense of well-being and lasting impression through our selected health, skin and body treatments that guests will return time after time.

We have chosen our therapies based on our knowledge of the pressures and demands placed on the body by the strain of urban living and offer impeccable quality at an international level.